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The Arts and Sciences Foundation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill exists to raise philanthropic support for the highest development priorities of the College of Arts and Sciences. Under the leadership and governance of its Board of Directors, and with support from alumni and friends of the College, the Foundation works to grow and steward the College’s endowment. Learn more about how you can support the College of Arts and Sciences.

A Tradition of Philanthropy Sustains the Arts and Sciences

In 1975, Margaret Harper became the first person to bestow her generosity on the Arts and Sciences Foundation. Her gift of $1,000 began a tradition of giving that would grow and flourish over the next five decades.

The Arts and Sciences Foundation’s mission is to enhance the College by meeting the needs of the various academic departments, promoting teaching, research and service, and supporting the continuing development of knowledge and learning.

$37.6 Million

June 1998

$438 Million

June 2022

As of June 30, 2022, the Foundation managed more than $438 million in endowed funds, compared with $37.6 million in June 1998. The College of Arts and Sciences benefits from an additional $774 million in endowed funds from the UNC-Chapel Hill Endowment and the UNC-CH Foundation.

The phenomenal growth of the Arts and Sciences Foundation has been fueled by the generosity of the College’s many alumni, parents and friends, starting with the philanthropy of Margaret Harper nearly 50 years ago. The Foundation is grateful for those donors who believe in the mission of the College and feel the same dedication to maintaining its long tradition of providing a first-rate liberal arts education.

For more information and to support the College of Arts and Sciences, please contact:

Anne Collins
Executive Director
The Arts and Sciences Foundation
523 E. Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
919-962-0108 (tel)
919-962-2531 (fax)
[email protected]

Anne Collins
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